Zak’s Insulated BBQ Smokers


If you are trying to get more out of you BBQ smoker, insulated BBQ smokers really helps. There is allot of misconception on why they are so efficient, allowing longer cook time less wood and a steadier temperature as well as the blue smoke that pit masters  try to obtain.

Why insulated BBQ smokers work so well


Insulated fire boxes allow temperature to reach of 700 to 900 degrees and hold it. At that temperature wood can fully burn. The benefit of this is that smoke traveling through the pit is cleanly burned; no unburned wood tainting your meat and building up creosote. Unlike BBQ smokers that are not insulated.

BBQ Heat Transfer

In the fire box of a Isolated BBQ Smoker should have thinner gauge steel like 1/8 or 3/16 this allows the heat to get out of the fire box to the cooking chamber. Thickness of the steel allows the heat to transfer. Insulation allows a  higher temperatures it goes  hand and hand to make A pit perform well.

If you want a hand built BBQ Smoker and an added insulated fire box give us a call or email!