Trailer pit

Is a Trailer pit right for you? If you need more capacity and wont  to  get your BBQ on location It is something to think about.
Catering can be locomotive especially if you are near undeserved regions.
If you are catering with a small BBQ Pit and cannot keep up with demand BBQ Pit will make the differences.
It also tells your customers you’re serious about BBQ. You will find that a trailer Pit will be more covenants, efficient and practical.
Company events
Cooking for your clients can do allot to reinforce relationships and connect with prospective client.  It goes without saying that your employees will appreciate.
A Trailer smoker can help you to win that competition. if you are struggling with uneven heat and limited callosity. Add tuning plates to your Pit it will control the heat.  Thicker or insulated fire box will go far in keeping a steady temp.
Personal Use Wile every body else is restricted to Hot dogs and hamburgers . You will be able to smoke mouth watering BBQ. A Trailer Pit can be allot of fun with family and friends only draw back is that the Trailer pit has wheels. your brother in law will probably have it at his house more than yours.

custom smokersIf you want a well designed and well built Pit give us a call (254)266-5537  or email us . click here to see more out Trailer BBQ Pits