Meat Smoker Trailer

Weather you call them BBQ Pit Trailer or meat smoker Trailer. What relay maters if it will cook. No two cookers are the same?
Trailer Meat Smoker
What separates a good meat smoker trailer from others.
What separates a good meat smoker trailer from the other it is design and quality.  First is the cooker road worthy pay close attention to this look for heavy duty axle’s 15 ” tires not the small Mickey Mouse ones. Thickness of the cooker is important. 3/16 is ideal thinner it will not hold the heat and thicker the heat will not get out of the fire box
Meat smoker Trailer design
When it comes to design it is in portent that the builder has complete grasp of heat transfer and a understanding of the value of flow. It is also in portent so that the fire burns efficient so not to smolder and deposit creosote on your meat. Meat smoker trailer is a big investment and you should talk with the builder to see of his knowledge as it apply to you trailer meat smoker.

Cooking capacity
multiple trays can double the copasidy to A trailer meat smoker. pull out trays are also can be removed which makes it easy to clean. If you cook ribs, rib racks that can  be placed in your Trailer Meat Smoker can triple the amount of ribs that can be cooked.

Offset or Rotisserie
You can find Trailer Meat smoker in two popular designs Offset and Rotisserie. Rotisserie Smokers are popular because they known to cook Evan. But Do not have a r large  Chasity. Offset trailer pits have A grate copacody for holding allot of meat. But some of them are poorly designed. but the ones that are designed well would be the ideal choice.