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Reverse flow Verses Tuning Plates

A steady temperature is important in making quality BBQ. Anyone who has ever purchased a offset BBQ Pit will quickly notice after the first use. A hot spot and A cold spot. Due to the fire box on one side rendering the space closes to the fire box useless This problem is exacerbated on larger BBQ smokers do to the traveling of the hot air and smoke threw the cooking chamber.   There are two popular ways of creating a more even temperature. Reverse flow and tuning plates.

Revers flow

The first thing that you notice on A reverse flow BBQ Pit is That the stack is on the fire box end.  When you open the Pit you will see below the grades A plate running from the fire box end to the opposite end with a opening. As the fire burns in the fire box Hot air is drawn threw the cooking chamber heating the plate as it travels. When it reaches the end it goes up and to the stack.



I have used this type of BBQ pit before and I was unsatisfied with the performance the temperature seemed to be close to the same, when looking at the temp gauge poisoned on the left and right side but when I placed A temp gauge inside and pensioned it in different spots wow 60 deg difference in some places. There is a common practice among some pit builders strategically placing temperature gauges high and away from the meat in places where they know there will produce ideal temperatures for the customer.


Tuning plates

After opening the door looking through the cooking grade you will see plates with tightened bolts. this allows the ability to adjust or tune the plates. Creating smaller gaps closer to the fire box and larger gaps farther away to even out the heat and bolt to tighten dawn on trailer mounted BBQ Pits.


My first experience using Tuning plates I was impressed the progressively opening plates allow the heat to come out evenly. On well-designed BBQ Pits with tuning plates A five degree temperature different or better is easily obtained. Load it up with whatever you want and take it off at the same time Know more moving your food around from hot spot to cold spot to get it done. You can also put a cold spot to just keep food at warming temperature by just adjusting the plates. For cleaning just remove the plate. On most reverse flow it is very difficult to clean because the plate is welded in.   If you are in to competition, catering or just Back yard Barbequing family tuning plates are the way to go. Reverse flow is just a cheaper and inferior design than Tuning plates.

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