All Pits will cook different, it all to do with the design and thickness of the steel.  To successfully operate a Custom barbecue Pit you have to think flow. When a pit has a good flow it will respond to damper controls the wood will burn more efficient and will not deposit as much unburned wood called creosote.

A Good Grate

A lack of a good grate in the fire box is the most cumin problem in Smokers. A fire box grate allows the air to get beneath the wood for proper combustion.  Expanded metal does a good job holding the coals and grate for air flow.


Simply adjustment on you is off set Pit you will notice that there is a fire box damper and a stack damper. After you’re custom barbecue Pit has wormed up for about 30 minutes you’re stack damper should have already have been opened. To make adjustment buy opening or closing the fire box damper to reach the the temp you want. Do not go make more than one adjustment at one time. Make an adjustment wait 10 minutes for the response. You can close the stack damper slightly on some Barbecue pits to actually get more Draw this works much like a fire place with a chimney damper.

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