Custom Barbeque Pit Fire Box design

Long lasting Fire boxes

The door is the most important part in a long lasting Fire Box for your custom barbeque Pit. The Fire Box should have no lip on the bottom to allow easy clean out. More importantly this allows the fire box to drain freely. Unlike conventional BBQ Pits that have a lip that holds water. Proper draining is the key to long lasting BBQ Smoker.custom barbeque pit

Thicknesses of your fire box

Now thicknesses of your fire box some say ½ inch and some say thinner perform better.  I have used all kinds of pits and built and designed

½ Inch Fire Box is popular because it Hold heat in the fire box due to the thickness that has a insulated properties.

3/16 or ¼ inch Fire Boxes do not hold heat as well as thicker fire boxes. That is the idea the thinner steel transfers the heat to the cooking space quicker. Heat is lost threw the fire box compared to thicker ones but only uses about two or three more logs in a twelve hour cook. in complacent But is a small sacrifice if you like quick start up and recovery time

Insulated fire boxes

Insulated fire boxes beat them all hands dawn. It has a Double wall and a high temp insulation in side. With an inner wall made of 1/8 transfers heat great. The insulating quality holds the heat and transfers it to the cooking space. The best thing about insulated fire box is that it allows the inside to reach optimal temps for efficient burning, less wood, less creosote on the BBQ, less wood, vary steady temp.

Whatever style fire box you won’t on your BBQ Pit we at Zaks custom Pits would be proud to build it for you. Whether it’s one of our predesignated Trailer BBQ Pit Or a custom barbeque Pit Give us a call or email. We would be proud to build you one.