Double Barrel Barbecue Pit Trailers is

equipped for versatile use and spacious cooking chamber

length – 14 feet by 5 feet

2xTank size – 5 feet by 30” OD

2xinsulated Fire Box made together with a separation plate – 60” x 24”

2x Horizontal Cooking Space – 5’ x 30” OD

24” x 60”x 4’ vertical cooker

5′x11” stainless steel running board

Thickness – 3/16 steel with the diamonds = to 1/4

Two inch hitch, Four flat wiring harness, Safety chains

  • BBQ
  • tuning plates for
  • an Evan temp from front to back. Know more cold spots and hot spots or
  • unused space
  • Insulated fire
  • box with
  • 2300 DEG ceramic insulation to hold the heat inn. Benefits 50% less wood
  • much longer burn time and steadier temp.
  • Two
  • high pressure burners that can slow cook a pot of beans or can be
  • turned up to deep fry fish.
  • High
  • pressure Log lighter
  • Enclosed
  • propane storage in
  • the front with a door.
  • Sink
  • Kit full
  • package hot water heater, double sink,10 gallon fresh water tank, 10
  • gallon grey water tank, ac or dc pump
  • Stainless
  • steel ruining board Five foot

If this is not quiet what you are looking for,

we can customize it to your specifications. Give us a call or email!

Added features

Roof These by fold roofs keep you’re Pit out of the weather so you can concentrate on preparing you’re BBQ

and enjoying you’re event. On this model the added cost is $2800.00 Click here to learn more