Competition smoker need to have good draw. Draw is the pulling force out of you pit. When a BBQ Pit is designed properly it will accomplish this.

Heat distribution is also in portent in a pit that has the ability to adjust the temperatures in different spots in the cooking areas. We use tuning plates that are adjustable to give you the ability to have an even temperature and with the adjusting of the tuning plates to create a hot spot or cold spot. Heat transfer, this is another important expect in competition smoker. This is done through insulated fire box this allows heat not to be dissipated threw the fire box and to transfer to the cooking area.

A great competition pit will not guaranty a win at the competition but it will cook you’re meat in a controlled advertizement and eliminate the frustration and pour preforming e of equipment.  So get ahead of the competition and buy a zak custom

If you like we have a competition smoker for you to try out for a week end. Just give us a call or email Just by contacting us you will be ahead of the competition.

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