Texas is most definitely king of pits,with more BBQ Pit in Texas per-capita  buy for. You only have to drive dawn a residential street in Texas to notice, odds are two out of ten will have one in the back yard.

origination first modern  first   BBQ Pit in Texas Store goes,  A Texas oil pipe line welder started the revolution by taking some readily available pipe line drop from the job.  in order to cook large cuts of meat low indirect heat was needed. So he offset the fire box welded it all together. after he fired it up he found that he was able to get the ideal temp he wanted for the large cuts. The ability to cook low and slow could turn those tuf cuts of meat and make them mouth watering.

Some pit Builder claim to be the originator which is ridicules being the fact that the first off set BBQ pit started appearing  in the 50’s  and the earliest. Pit builder that  were in production  was in the 70s BBQ Pits in Texas come in all shapes and sizes. my favorite are custom especially home made the limited  skilled BBQ connoisseur with big ideas on how to make a cooker cook better or just a twist like hoarse shoe handles and painted on flames. Some custom builders scoff at so called armature jobs but i love them.


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