About Zaks Custom Pits

We are a family business with three full time fabricators; father and sons. We live in the small town of Lake Whitney. Monday through Friday we are hard at work building and designing BBQ Pits. Saturday usually spent BBQing or hunting and fishing. Sunday in church and spending time with our families.

With back ground in fabricating heat ex changers for industries. With that background of understanding transfer of thermal energy has been one factor in our success. As well as an obsessive goal in quality in craftsmen ship.

The Father has been building BBQ Pits since the mid 80’s. His sons built their first BBQ Pit when they were just teenagers.

How The World’s Best Custom BBQ Pits Started

In July of 1995 we set out to try to build a pit that was different than anything we have ever built before. We decided to make a BBQ Pit made out of diamond plate and have cooking performance second to none. So with our plate rollers we started rolling the plate and fabricating. After a couple of weeks with design and redesign. When we were done we knew right away we had pulled it off the design that was what we envisioned; simply beautiful. But would it cook? After a half cord of wood and two weeks of test and some modifications. We found that it held heat, transferred evenly across the cooking era, like nothing we had ever built. We then reluctantly put a for sale sign on it. It sold in 24 hours.

2008 – We started selling smooth plate BBQ pit to well none pit builders in Houston Texas. We shipped it to them they would put their brand on them and they would mark there price up. We decided to go back to building them and sale to the public.

2009 – We built a web site with the power of the internet we have now have sold BBQ pits all over the United States and in Germany.

Have an idea for a custom trailer pit? Have a question for us? Call 254-266-5537 today!